Real Estate Rundown February 7, 2024

All the Single Ladies

Owning a piece of the American dream has been a life goal for many. Historically, a first time home purchase came in the time of life after marriage, however, the single family home is often being purchased by a single, and to go one step further, a single female.

According to, single women homeownership was up by 17 percent in 2023, compared to single men at 9 percent. The analysis found that in 48 of the 50 states, single women were more likely to purchase a home than single men. 

This is an impressive statistic considering that before 1974, women were legally prohibited from obtaining a mortgage without a co-signer. Before the passage of the Fair Housing Act’s prohibitions against “sex” discrimination in housing-related transactions, and the protections of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, it was commonplace for a widow to need a male relative as a co-signer. Under federal law, women had no legal recourse for this or any other lending discrimination.

I have a personal friend who shared with me when she opened her first business in the 1980’s, this was exactly her situation, but rather than a co-signer, she was charged a higher rate of interest for her small business loan because she was unmarried. 

Does this make your temperature rise?

Fortunately, forty years later women continue to gain independence and equality. Eighty-seven percent of women agree that having to be married to purchase a home is outdated and they would not hesitate to consider buying on their own, according to the National Association of Realtors. 

For anyone, the purchase of real estate is one of the best assets you will ever own and in today’s market, it is an asset that continues to appreciate. 

Homeownership may bring stability to your life or may bring added income to your life.  Whatever the reason, real estate is a solid investment and can be purchased when the time is right for you financially, regardless of your relationship status. 

So ladies, put your hands up, If you like it, put a bid on it.