Real Estate Rundown Out With the Old With every year, decade and era, trends and fads come and go.  Nothing is more true than in home decor. What was the rage in the 1990’s, we did away with by the new millennium. Anyone paint over honey oak?    The same is true with items in a home that were once the ‘top […]
Real Estate Rundown Deep Roots. Tall Corn. Iowa! There are many things I love about Iowa. I love the land, stunning sunsets and the overall quality of life that is enjoyed here.  It is not uncommon for someone to tell you they grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere here.  That little town most likely has a post office […]
Real Estate Rundown Giving Up the Lawnmower I was working with a home buyer who was wanting to “downsize” from her current property to a smaller, more manageable home. To her, the change also meant a downgrade from the lifestyle she was accustomed to.  When I asked her why she felt this way, it was really about the change in her capability  […]
Real Estate Rundown Walkability in Siouxland Walkability: The measured ease of walking to an amenity in a community.  The National Association of REALTORS® recently released the latest edition of its Community & Transportation Preferences Survey, a poll taken every two to three years of residents in the 50-largest metropolitan areas to gauge partialities regarding their home’s type and location, in addition […]
Real Estate Rundown Celebrating Women’s History Month. Barbie Salute! Why do we celebrate Women’s History Month? Not only is Women’s History Month a time of reflection, but it’s also a moment to recognize how the efforts and bravery of past generations continues to pave the way for females today. March has been dubbed International Women’s Month and Women’s History Month with the intent to honor […]
Real Estate Rundown Clearing Out the Stuff Cleaning out a property is a daunting task. Not cleaning it, clearing it. Ridding the property of all the furniture, the closets, cabinet contents, the dishes, the linens, the bedding, storage rooms, garage and sheds. Leaving only the real property…the real estate.   Several years ago I assisted a family who had two estate homes […]
Real Estate Rundown Embrace Your HOA Homeowners Association: a “group of homeowners in a defined area” which could range from a two-unit townhome, a development of condos, or an entire master-planned neighborhood of single family homes. This is not a new concept, HOA’s first began in the late 1940’s.  Not all HOA’s have a fee, but many do. The HOA fee […]
Real Estate Rundown All the Single Ladies Owning a piece of the American dream has been a life goal for many. Historically, a first time home purchase came in the time of life after marriage, however, the single family home is often being purchased by a single, and to go one step further, a single female. According to, single women homeownership […]
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